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[FAQ] Torrent/Pirated movie release Formats comparison explained!

One of the most confusing part of downloading a movie from the internet is the Quality or Format of the movie file. Whether it is a Pirate release or an Official release in Torrent, people with basic knowledge of the File Formats get confused while downloading the file. There can be plenty of File Formats available for a movie in the Internet, it is a tough task to find out the one with High Quality.

Here are the list of some most common File Formats of Torrent/Pirate released movies, and they are explained below:

  • CAM, CAMRip (most common but worst quality)
  • SCREENER, DVDScr (most common but worst quality)
  • DVDRip, DVDR (most common & fine quality)
  • WEBRip
  • BluRay, BD, BRRip, HDRip (not so common, high file size but awesome quality)

You may have got an idea on how all these File Formats will be in the quality. Even though, I am gonna explain what each of these formats means, how the quality is, and how to choose a Format wisely when you are downloading a movie from Torrent or any other sites.

CAM/CAMRip/DVDScr/SCREENER (worst quality): A copy of the movie made in a theater using a camera or mobile phone. The sound source is the camera microphone. Cam rips are quickly released online after the first preview or premiere of the film. These are worst File formats that can be found in the family. The sound, visuals everything will be bad (there can be some exceptions).

TS/TELESYNC/PDVD (good sound, bad visuals): This type of files are also recorded from the movie theaters, but with better camera and a separate sound recorder that is directly connected to the source. Sometimes the visuals also can be good, but not up to expectation.

DVDRip/DVDR (good quality): This format is the most common Good Quality file format that can be found in the internet. A final retail version of a film in DVD format, generally a complete copy from the original DVD. If the original DVD is released in the DVD-9 format, but these can be encoded using any technologies like Xvid, DivX, H.264 etc. If you find this in the Download list, then go for this. This can be in between 500mb – 1GB.

HDTV/WEBRip (fine quality, audio neutral): In these type of videos, the audio can be bad. We can’t experience the complete quality of the movie, especially in case of Horror Movies. These are captured from a TV source or any WEB source. The visuals may be good, but the audio will not be guaranteed.

BluRay, BD, BRRip, HDRip (superb quality): Similar to DVD-Rip, only the source is a Blu-ray Disc. This is the version of the movie with at most quality. They come from the BluRay release of the movie. These types of files can be directly taken from the BluRay or can be encoded into any format to reduce file formats. Files can be 720p, 1080p etc. If you have enough bandwidth to handle 1GB to 2 or 4GB then go for this!

These are only some common file formats that are found on the internet/torrent. There can be many other formats but they are not so important here. If you find this article really helpful, then please share this and subscribe!



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