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Best Ever 5 Clash of Clans Creative & Funny Village/Base Layouts!

Clash of Clans is one of the most played Online Multiplayer Game today. It’s a  wonderful strategy game and has been successful over the world these years! We’ve already discussed about the possible Cheats/Hacks & Some Tricks in the Clash of Clans game in the following article:

Well, today let’s see some interesting part of this Game! The most creative and interesting part in the Game is the creation of a Village/War Base layout. Most efficient one will serve best defense, but have you ever tried any Creative layouts. Well, I found some interesting and funny creative Layouts in the Game and here are the Best 5 of them:

Super Mario: Mother of Games, most eligible one to be the Best of the Bests!


The Batman: One of the most Creative one found from the Game, the Batman!


Butterfly: Beautifully best among the Layouts!


Bug: Clearly, Simplicity isn’t Simple :)


Dinner: It’s Dinner time folks… Let the feast begin!


That’s all for now, I don’t know who created these but all of them Deserve a better Appreciation


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