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Facebook introduces “Profile Videos”, Bring your profile picture to Life!

World’s largest Social Networking site Facebook introduces Profile Videos! Users are allowed to add a Profile Video instead of a Profile Picture. So, it will be Velfies (Video Selfies) the one to rule facebook!

Facebook, which has billions of users globally is on their way to add the feature soon! Recently, all mobile platforms got an update for Facebook, and in that update they added a new string saying “Coming Soon: Profile Videos” in the Edit Profile Picture list.


Users will be able to film and add a short Looping Video clip instead of a Profile Picture. This will be displayed in the place of profile picture and will be visible to all who visits the profile. Currently, this feature has been rolled out to a few number of iPhone users in UK and California and will be available for all very soon.

In updated apps and the web, Facebook is showing a notification box to announce that they are going to release the Profile Video feature to all soon. The screenshot of the notification is shown below:


Hope they’ll release this feature soon and let’s see if it will be a hit or a flop! Since videos are becoming hit in the Social Network, there is a chance for becoming hit. So, sooner you will be able to bring life to your Profile Picture :)

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