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Get back old classic look in Google Chrome by disabling Material Design!

You may have noticed that in the latest update of Google Chrome, the UI has changed to a flat style named as Meterial Design. The top bar and all other UI elements has become flat in style and this looks like inspired from the Metro UI design or the latest trend. Below is a snapshot of the new design:


That looks interesting, but many of us won’t like this design. I personally don’t like this one and it looks ugly. So what if we want to change this into our old Classic look Google Chrome ? Here are the steps to be done for getting your old look Google Chrome back:

  • In the address bar type: chrome://flags/ and press enter
  • This will enter into the flags section of Google Chrome. Be careful as these are important experimental flags
  • Now press Ctrl + F and enter in material in the search box
  • Now the option will get highlighted


  • From the drop down list select Non-material
  • And then click RELAUNCH NOW

That’s it now you will get the old look Google Chrome back as in the snapshot given below:


Be careful while playing with other options in the flags section since they may cause serious changed in your Google Chrome. Don’t forget to share this article :)

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