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[How to] Block annoying ‘Candy Crush Saga’ requests in Facebook!

Those annoying ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Requests; they became a problem for most Facebook users. When we open Notifications, it’s filled with those Candy Crush Saga requests.


I’ve seen many of my friends playing this game, and i don’t like it much. But, the most irritating thing is that the players sends me requests (:x) I decided to find out on how to block these requests and I did it!

You can simply block the ‘Candy Crush Saga’ requests by just blocking that App! Here is how you can block:

  • Go to Settings by clicking the arrow in the top right position in Facebook topbar


  • Go to the Blocking tab
  • In the Block apps section, enter the name ‘Candy Crush Saga’ in the field and press Enter.


  • That’s it; the App has been added to the Blocked apps list. You won’t get anymore annoying requests of Candy Crush Saga



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