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[How to] Get back old Look of Facebook Home Page (removes Graph Search) !

Who hates a change? everyone likes a change. But, every change need not be accepted.

We all know that Facebook has changed a lot since it became popular. Recently, they made a change on their Landing page and introduced a new feature called Graph Search. It has got many awesome features and it makes facebook more user friendly.

But, as I said, everyone won’t like this new style. It is an annoying change for many people and they don’t like it. Many friends asked me on how to get back the old look of Facebook. Here I am gonna tell you the way to get old look Facebook back…


This is the most simplest method…

  • Go to the bottom of your page and look for the following:

Facebook © 2013 · English (US)


  • Now click on the English (US) which will open the Language Settings box…
  • In the box, you can see many Languages. Now, select the English (UK) version…


  • That’s all. You’ll be reverted to the old Facebook interface…


Did You Know ?

You can make your facebook page more interesting by changing the Languages to the following two:

  • English (Pirate) – Pirates of the Caribbean version
  • English (Upside Down) – Makes fonts inverted!



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