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[How to] Invite All Friends in Facebook Invite box using JavaScript Console!

UPDATE (01/01/2014)

Facebook invite helps us to let our friends know about our Facebook pages or websites etc. In case of a Facebook page, there is an invitation box which let us to select our friends to send invitation.

But, in this Invite, we cannot see a “Select All” button for selecting all friends with a single click. We need to select each names and then send the invitation.

Facebook is a website with a lot scripts and codes. Of course there will be many codes that let us to tweak FB easily. Here is the code which let you Select All Friends in the invite box!


All you need to do is, just paste the following JavaScript Code into the console window of your web browser while you are in the invite box:


javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’);
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

How to apply this?


Well, I will describe you how to apply/run this code if you are unfamiliar with JavaScript Consoles…

  • First of all, navigate to the Invite box in Facebook using your  web browser (Google Chrome, IE, Firefox etc.)
  • You should select  Search All Friends dropdown menu
  • Scroll to the maximum bottom of the list, until the loading stops…
  • Now, to apply the code, you need to open the Browser’s Console window, just follow these steps depending on your browser…

Google Chrome & Firefox users:


If you are a Google Chrome user, then follow these steps to apply the above code. For Firefox users: you may need to access Developer tools from the menu…


  • Right Click on the invite box and click Inspect element
  • Select Console from the appeared window
  • Now, paste the above code and press Enter

Internet Explorer users:


If you are using Internet Explorer then follow these instructions…


  • Select Developer Tools from the tools menu
  • Then go the Scripts tab
  • Now, you’re on the console window. Click on the Multi-Line mode button
  • Paste the above code in the box and click Run Script


That’s all, your browser will take a few seconds to select the whole friends in the Invite box!

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