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[How to] Send web push notifications to users from your WordPress blog!

When you visit Your’s Faithfully Virus, you might have noticed a prompt asking whether you would like to subscribe for notifications from this website. It is called web push notifications. Most of the websites already have it including Facebook.

Web push notification is similar to mobile app notifications. But the difference is that you don’t have to install any apps on your desktop/smartphone. You just have to subscribe to notifications from a website. And the notification is directly delivered to their device, even if you have closed that website.

So web push is the best way to alert your blog readers whenever you publish a new post. Thus you will be getting lots of repeated visits. On Your’s Faithfully Virus, I am using a free service named Engagespot. They have a wordpress plugin which you can install from your WordPress admin dashboard itself.

Follow the steps to install web push notifications on your blog. It took only less than 5 minutes to configure it in my website.

  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • In the side menu, choose Plugins -> Add New
  • Search for plugin named – Engagespot
  • Click the install button and then activate button to finish installing plugin
  • Then you will find a new option named – Engagespot in the side menu. Click that menu
  • On the configuration page, you have to paste a KEY, which you will get after signing up for a free account from Engagespot. For that, goto
  • After registering, you will get the key. Copy that key and paste it the Engagespot configuration page on your WordPress dashboard.

That’s it! You have enabled web push notifications on your blog. Now, whenever you publish a new post, it will be sent to your subscribers.

If you don’t want to send notification for a particular post, you can uncheck the Send Notifications option in the New Post page. You can see the number of subscribers and click rates by logging into Engagespot Dashboard –

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