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[How to] Set a Photo as Profile Picture without Cropping in Facebook ?

No introduction to Facebook. It’s been already introduced even among a school boy! So, let’s come to the main topic.

Sometimes, we want to set a Photo that’s already in our Album as profile picture. But when we try to set, Facebook tell us to crop the image, and hence it should. Many of us wants to set their photo as Profile pic without cropping. So, here is how we can set a Photo as profile pic without cropping.

  • First, go to Facebook in your browser by typing:
  • Now, you’re on the Mobile version of the site.

Screenshot (8)

  • Now, Navigate to the Photo that you want to set as your Profile picture
  • On the bottom of that pic, you’ll see a link called Make Profile Picture, click on it.

Screenshot (11)

  • That’s it you will be asked for confirmation. Confirm to set the Photo as your Profile picture. You’ll not be asked to crop your image :)

Screenshot (9)

  • You’re Done…!

Here’s the tutorial in action:

Watch Video!


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