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[How to] Turn off Auto-play of Videos permanently in Facebook timeline ?

Facebook has made a new strategy for improvising the video performances in users’ timeline. One of the latest feature they introduced is the Auto-play of videos, i.e. when we scroll on to a video post, it will automatically play!

But, what if we don’t want such feature in case if we have less bandwidth ? Here is a simple method to turn off the Auto-play feature of videos in Facebook timeline:

  • On the Top Right corner of the Facebook, you can see a Down arrow which will give you a list of Options
  • From that select Settings


  • In the Settings page, click on the Videos tab


  • In Videos page you can see an option saying:

Auto-Play Videos: These settings only apply when you use the Facebook website. Follow this guide to change auto-play videos in your Facebook app.

  • From the Dropdown list, select Off


That’s it! You’ve now successfully disabled the Auto-play feature of Facebook Videos. Anytime if you want to reset this option, just choose the Default option from the Dropdown list :)

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