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Zurker: New Indian Social Networking Site, Get Free Invitation!

As the popular social networking site Facebook grows up, Geeks are not ready to avoid their experiments on building new social networking tools. Zurker is a clear evidence for it! yes, it is an indian social network run by some geeks and is similar to facebook!

Unlike Facebook, Zurker has a greenish theme. So we can call this social network release as Green Revolution of internet! ;) Zurker is under beta test now, so like Google+ it is only available by invitations. By the end of this post, you will get a free invitation from me!

Another interesting thing in this site is that they are giving shares for users and it is a chance to claim ownership of this website! For each invitation, you will get a point called vShare, and when you reach 1000000 vShares you are the owner of Zurker!! Or, you can by vShares by investing only Rs.50/-

Reports are saying that Zurker could grow fastly and reach to top of the social networks…! Anyway, here is the link for you to join zurker:

NB: Don’t forget to add me as your friend… ;)

Join Zurker – NOW!


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