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[How to] share any files with iPhone to any Device without Jailbreak!

File transfer using iPhone devices to non-iOS devices been not possible for past years. Some made it possible with Jailbreaking the phone, I don’t know if jailbreak is better option or not. Anyway, today I will tell you about an App that let transfer your files to any devices without Jailbreaking your iPhone.


The app is called Xender, the most used file transfer app used in Android phones. Now, it has come to iOS also! Here, I will describe how to Send & Receive files (including Photos, Music, Documents etc.)

  • First of all, Download the App from the link given at the bottom of this post
  • Launch Xender app on android, Tap Connect Phone and Tap Create Group.
  • Next, turn on the WiFi feature on the iPhone and connect to the android hotspot device


  • Now you’ve connected to the Group created and you can transfer the Music, Photos etc.

Download the app from the following Link:

Download Xender for iOS


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