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How to Activate Perspective View in Google Maps for Multitouch Android Devices?

Google Maps is a very helpful App to people to explore the world! It was released revolutionary and it contains lot of features like Map View, Satellite View, Street View, Traffics etc. That’s why it became a HIT within a while…

Look at the above image, its a Screenshot of Google Maps for Android and it is the clear that the view is Perspective! But, when you access the App, you will get only the Default view and not Perspective. You need to activate the view while you’re on the go. It is not so familiar to all to activate the view, so I am here to explain you how to activate the Perspective view!

NOTE: This trick only works for you if you have a Multitouch phone

  • First of all open the Google Maps and access to any of your favorite place
  • Now place your two fingers over the map and drag down as shown below:

  • You’ll see that the view is moving to Perspective!

  • You’re Done…! Feel the difference…!!!

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