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[How to] Clean up iOS memory (RAM) Completely without any App!

It is the memory (RAM) who determines the speed and reliability our Computer or Phone. In Computers, or in Windows we have a Task Manager for cleaning up the memory and processes. In Android also there are a lot of ways for cleaning up the memory.

iOS is very clever in handling memory and it balances the load regularly by cleaning the RAM automatically. But, sometimes if we want to clear the memory, what we will do ? Most people will Double Tap the Home button and Swipe up the listed Apps.

But it is not a method for performing a complete clean operation! To completely clean the RAM manually, do the following steps:

  • Press and Hold the Power Button until the slide to power off screen appear
  • Don’t slide, it will turn your phone off


  • Instead, Press and Hold the Home button
  • After a while, it will reset the RAM and Homescreen will appear

All your Apps that were being worked during this proccess will be still there. But you can see that if you open them, a fresh open will occur! It means the Device is like a newly restarted one :)

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