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[How to] Save a page as PDF in Google Chrome for iOS ?

Google Chrome, the most used and fastest web browser is also available in iOS. It’s very user friendly and easy to use.

When you are Desktop version of Google Chrome you can save a page as PDF document using print command. But in Chrome for iOS, you may be wondering if you can do the same.

In Google Chrome for iOS, you can do this by a small trick. All you need to have is a Google Drive account ( it is free for all Google users ). Here is how you do it:

First of all, make sure that you are signed into Google Chrome using your Google account. Then follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the webpage you want to save as PDF
  • Now, from the menu, select the Print option
  • You have now two options as below


  • Select Google Cloud Print from the list
  • Now, you have another list and there an option Save to Google Drive. Select that option


  • There you can save your document as PDF

Now, go to your Google Drive account and you can save that PDF file into your desired location…


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