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How to view and save ‘Zombie art by Jack Larson’ in Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)?

In Android Gingerbread version, there is a cute and secret cartoon art by Jack Larson named Zombie art. It is not easy to find it, and if find it you may not be able to save it. Here, I will decribe you how to access the art and save it!

  • Go to the Settings section in the app list
  • Select About Phone option which is on the bottom of the list


  • In the present list you can see an item indicating Android Version

  • Tap it repeatedly as fast as possible. If you do it perfectly, you will get the Zombie art in a new window!

  • You can save this image by taking a screenshot. This can be done by pressing Home Key+Power Key (NOTE: This combination varies from devices to device, so check the key combination for taking screenshot in your device)
  • The image will be saved in your gallery!
  • You’re Done…!

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