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iOS 8.0 Commonly Known Issues and Solutions!

After updating to iOS 8.0, I was very excited to have all the new features. But, after some more usage I came across some issues that made me disappointed :( and Here I am going to tell those problems and possible solutions to avoid those problems.

These issues need not to be happened to you. If it happens, then you could try these solutions described here.

  • iPhone Hangs after/before a Call: When we attend a call, sometimes the whole screen goes blurred and then we could not access anything from the phone. Restarting the iPhone will solve the issue…


  • Spotlight Search becomes Ugly: Sometimes the spotlight search section will become very ugly, and It’ll turn into a Black & White color. Restarting the iPhone may solve the issue…


  • Personal Hotspot not Available: As the title says, the Personal Hotspot may sometimes become unavailable and we could not find any such option in the Settings. Don’t Worry, just go to the Cellular settings section and you will find it there…


That’s it for now, I’ll add more if I got anything more…


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