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iOS 8.0 Hidden Features and Tricks Collection!

Everyone is Busy with the Bend issue of the latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus. And they forgot about the latest iOS update; iOS 8 has come with many cool features that makes us more close to the device.

In this post, I’m going to introduce only some of these cool features that are less noticed by it’s users. Don’t complaint if I miss any of them, I will add them as soon as I get noticed about them.

So here are the Features & Hidden Tricks in Latest iOS Update…

  • Self Timer in Camera ApplicationYou can now take selfie’s by using the new Self Timer option. You can set upto 10s as timer.


  • Adjust Exposure/Light Manually: When you touch focus in the Camera Application, there is a new bar that makes us easier to adjust the lighting of the image.


  • Make a Photo Favorite: Now, you can make a Photo favorite by tapping the Heart button found at the bottom panel in the Photo Viewer.


  • Recycle Bin in Photos App!: There is a new Folder named “Recently Deleted”, which is a Recycle Bin in action! You can see recently deleted files there and also can delete them permanently. Each item is kept there for 30 days!


  • Hey Siri: This Hey Siri option allows you to wake up Siri by just saying “Hey Siri”.


  • Instant Reply to Messages: You can now reply to a Message instantly by without going to the Message App.


  • Siri Knows the Tune!: When you hear a music from anywhere, Ask Siri “What is this song?”… He’ll have the Answer!


  • Hide Contacts from App Switcher: You can hide those Contacts list from the App Switcher by going to Settings…


So that’s it for now! We’ll be back with more updates!


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