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iPhone 7 Jet Black vs Matte Black! Which model is the right choice ?

Apple released their latest model of iPhone recently and surely this one is the best iPhone they ever built. iPhone 7 comes with a lot of features like Lightning Headphone, Taptic Engine Home Button etc. But the most noticeable thing is that this version of iPhone comes with two variants of color Black! one is Jet Black and the other one is Matte Black or just Black.


Both the colors look gorgeous and they are beautiful than any other colors. Matte and Glossy colors been always awesome and these two colors were already introduced by Apple in their previous models like iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s/3GS etc. respectively.

Now, the most confusing doubt for the iPhone fans is that Which color to choose ? What will be the right choice ? Jet Black or Matte Black ? the answer is simple: If you are a scratch lover or like using back covers, then choose Jet Black. Otherwise choose Matte Black :) iPhone 7 Jet Black is surely a Fingerprint Magnet and a Scratch Magnet!!!

I will show you some comparisons of both models below.

First of all, take a look at the following picture, a twitter user called Vlad Savov posted this on twitter last day showing clearly that the Jet Black model of iPhone 7 is a Scratch Magnet. The image clearly gives an idea on how the phone will look after a basic rough use.


Since the Jet Black model is built in a glossy finish, it like any other Glossy material easily catches Fingerprint and Scratches. For those who use phone in a rough manner may want to have a Back Cover or a protector on the iPhone. But, look at the following picture, Isn’t it sexy ? Yes, compared to the Matte Black version, Jet Black is the most sexiest!


If you can keep your phone away from scratches, and you are very careful on using your iPhone, then Jet Black will be a nice choice. But, if you fail to do so, then you will get your phone lose its beauty :(

As for the Matte Black version, it is also beautiful and sexy, but with one advantage that it wont catch Fingerprints too easily! Compared to the Jet Black version, its’ chance to catch the Scratch and Fingerprint are less. Look at the following picture of the Matte Black version:


Cool! isn’t it ? This version is less Fingerprint Magnet and is more Scratch resistant. But, if you are too careless then this one will also get scratches! So, the final verdict is in your hands since it’s you who handles the phone!

If you have no problem in using a Back Cover or a protector Glass on the back side of your phone, or you are too careful of your phone, then surely go for the Jet Black version with no doubt. But, if it is difficult for you to have a back cover or to handle is gently, then you may choose the Matte Black version :) Don’t Forget to share this article…

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