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“iris.” An Android Alternative to “Siri”! Review & Some Basic Commands

All we know that Apple has introduced a new feature in their iPhone 4S called Siri. It is a virtual assistant which respond to your questions brilliantly. But Siri is limited to Apple devices and is not available for any other devices. So, recently an Alternative app for Android has been released by geeks! It is named as iris. which is the reverse word of Siri!

Even though iris is not much better as Siri, it gives a wonderful experience to clients. It is very interesting to interact with this cool virtual assistant. It responds us rapidly as we give it a question or a command. We can ask anything to iris, and it will reply its best!

It is interesting to say that iris working under Text to Speech method! yes, it can be confirmed when you download and install it from the Android Market.

You can search Videos as well as Images by giving commands to iris. (eg: show me a video of harry potter)

You can download this cool Android App from the Android Market:

Download iris. from Market

Here are some basic command guidelines which can be given to iris. :-

Time check – “what is the time now

Call – “can you call <name>

Message – “send a message to <name>

And… you can ask anything to iris as common as you talk…!!!

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