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[How to] Add Your Own Images As Album Art For Any Audio Files!

When we play an MP3, we can see an image in our Media Player, It is called Album Art. You can add your own Album Art to a desired MP3 file. In this tweak I will show you how to add your own Album Art to an MP3 file.

  • First, You Edit and Save an art file in a suitable format (usually *.jpg)
  • Then open Windows Media Player (Older than v12.0, v12 does not support this tweak, I will find and post a tweak for v12 users)
  • Go to the Media Library

  • Get your MP3 file into it and Right Click on it
  • Select Advanced Tag Editor

  • In the Pictures tab, Delete existing pictures

  • Now, Click Add and select your art file and open it

  • Then press OK
  • Restart ( Exit and Open again ) Your Windows Media Player with your MP3 file
  • You can see your art as Album Art for the MP3 file!

  • You’re Done…!

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