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AeroCmd Release: Make Your CMD.EXE Work In Aero With This Tool!

Solo-Dev @DA has created a wonderful tool for running our Command Prompt with Aero Experience (Only for Windows Vista & Seven). You only need to simply download it and extract it to your System32 folder

Let us take a look at the excerpt from the Author homepage

This is a .Net 2.0 app, so it should work just fine with both Vista and 7 without any more needed .Net runtime files. I suggest downloading and unzipping the app to your c:\windows\system32\ folder, as how that is where Cmd.exe is at. I have set the Startup Folder as the System32 folder, same folder as how Windows starts up at now.

A good news is that this Tool is FREE! and you can download it VIA the following link:

Download AeroCMD Release (13.0kB)

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