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Blassic 0.10.0: Download The Classic Basic Interpreter For Windows!

Linux is a free open source operating system which include a lot of free softwares. It includes a classic basic interpreter known as Blassic which allows us to create and execute small programs.

Here I am sharing a Windows version of Blassic which you can use to create programs inside Windows!

A small excerpt from the project site ( is given below :

Blassic is a classic Basic interpreter. The line numbers are mandatory, and it has PEEK & POKE. The main goal is to execute programs written in old interpreters, even those that use peculiar control flow constructs or automodifiable code. However, it can be used as a scripting language, and has some not-so-classic instructions. It has graphics modes that are compatible with some classic systems and user defined.

You can download this free tool VIA the following link:

Download Blassic 0.10.0 For Windows (340kB)

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