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[UPDATE] Customize your Microsoft Office (2007/2010) Installation Package!

UPDATE: This tool is also available on Office 2010.

In some Software installation packages, you may have noticed that the product key is already present there (seen in nero etc.). Did you ever think how this works? Anyway the same thing can be seen in Microsoft Office too. And you also can do such pre-configurations in your setup file. For this, Microsoft gives us a tool called Office Customization Tool (OCT).

The 2007 Office release requires version 3.1 or later of Windows Installer on all computers running Office including the computer you use to run the OCT. For more information about Windows Installer 3.1, including where to obtain it, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 893803.

  • All you need to do is to create a shortcut of the setup.exe in the main directory. After creating the shortcut add an extra “/admin” code just after the target path in its properties as shown below

  • Now, when you open the shortcut, you will be directed to the OCT

As shown in the above image, you can set the Default installation path and Organization name for the package. You also can pre-enter the product key that you got when you bought the product in this custimization.

You can add extra setup files to this package such as plug-ins, add-ons etc. (eg: Save As PDF Plugin, Language Pack etc.)

Also, you can add additional font sets and other 3rd party files to this package…

After making your own changes you can save your changes as a Setup Customization File (*.MSP) in a special folder named Update in the main setup folder (NB: if the folder is not present, you can create it). You may save the file with your own name but with a *.msp extension!

So what are you waiting for? go on with customizing and spicing up!!! ;)

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