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Customize And Spice Up Your USB Drive With Coding Autorun.inf!

Autorun.inf is both helpful and harmful to us. If we know how to manage it, then we can use it with no troubles! In this tutorial, I will teach you the basic tweaks for an Autorun.inf which will make your USB Drive more spicy!

Adding a Background Image:

  • First, open Notepad from Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
  • Paste the following code into it




  • Save the file into your USB Drive’s root folder with Desktop as the filename and ini as the extension (just type “Desktop.ini” with inverted commas in save dialoge box)
  • Now, create a Bitmap file for the background for your USB (Use 800×600 dimensions for best results)
  • Save the file as background.bmp in the root folder of your USB
  • Reload the Drive
  • You’re Done…!

Tweaking Autoplay options:

  • First, create an Autorun.inf file in your USB Drive’s root folder
  • Then add the desired codes as described below

[autorun] script for activating Autorun file

open=yourapplication.exe script for setting your application to run as autoplay

action=Run USB Autoplay Appscript for adding the application in autplay window as shown in the above image

icon=youricon.icoscript for adding your icon for the USB

label=yourlabel script for adding a permanent label for the USB

NOTE: All resource files should be in root folder

  • You’re Done…!

Adding Context Menu items:

  • As described above, create an Autorun.inf file in the root folder of your USB
  • Add the following lines in it

shell\open=Open AskVirus USB


NOTE: If you want to add extra menu items other than Open, change the open string to yours (eg: about, contact etc.)

  • You’re Done…!

Protecting Autorun.inf file:

  • Open Run and type cmd and press OK
  • Execute the following code

attrib +a +h +s +r F:\autorun.inf

NOTE: Change F: to your USB Drive’s letter

  • You’re Done…!

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