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Defeat / Destroy Ally Units In Microsoft Age Of Empires 2 Game!

Age Of Empires 2 is a poular strategy game by Microsoft. Its main feature is that we can play as allies. But, we cannot attack our ally teams. This is a small trick which teach you how to attack and defeat your Allies!

  • First, build a Siege Workshop and create some Siege Ongars
  • Click Attack Ground button for Ongars and it will prompt you to select the place where you whant to attack
  • Now, go to Allie‘s area and click the buildings in their bottom as shown in the image below

  • The Siege Ongars will start attacking and the Building will be destroyed!
  • Do the same for all Ally Units, you will win the game!

NOTE: Don’t forget to Uncheck the Allied Victory option in Diplomacy Settings

  • You’re Done…!
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