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Download vNext (Windows 8) BootScreen With “Ugly Betta Fish” For Windows 7!

After the leaks of many Windows 8 versions, lysy1993lbn @DA has created a Windows 8 like BootScreen for Windows 7. It contains the microsoft’s Ugly Betta Fish feature

Following is one of the features of the Bootscreen:

  • Three Variants
    • Variant 1 – without Ugly Fish
    • Variant 1 – with Ugly Fish
    • Variant 2 – without Ugly Fish

This boot screen a free one! and you can download it via the following link:

Download vNext BootScreen For Se7en (424kB)

After you complete the above download, you may also download Boot Updater from the following link to apply this cute boot screen

Download Boot Updater (643.5kB)

More info and troubleshooting on Boot Updater here

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