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[How to] Convert a FAT32/FAT16 volume to NTFS volume without Formatting ?

Microsoft Windows, especially the versions later than Windows XP supports the following Filesystems:

  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • NTFS

NTFS Filesystem provides advanced performance, security and reliability features. And these type filesystem can only be accessed by operating systems newer than Windows XP.

FAT32 system has a problem that, we cannot store a single file which is larger than 4GB into the FAT volume.

When we Format a disk drive, we are allowed to select the desired Filesystem to be used in the drive, i.e. FAT or NTFS. But, if the drive contains files, and we want to keep them, Formatting the drive is not s logic.


In this article, let us discuss how to convert a FAT volume into an NTFS volume without Formatting. For this, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • CD Filesystems cannot be converted
  • Close all the programs that running on the drive
  • Make sure that there is sufficient free space in the drive for a convert operation (you’ll be notified if not)
  • You can only use this drive then in OS later than XP

Ok then, let us take a look into the convert operation:

  • Open Command Prompt in any known way (type “cmd” in the Run dialog and press Enter)
  • In the command prompt, write the following command:

convert driveletter /fs:ntfs

where driveletter replaces your drive’s letter, for example:

convert g: /fs:ntfs

  • That’s all, you’ll get some prompts and continue as you want


  • Done! If you want any reference on Convert.exe type the following command:

help convert

If you have any more doubts, please let me know via Comment section…


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