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[How to] Remove “New Folder.exe” and “regsvr.exe” Virus!

New Folder.exe is a Well Known as well as Well Distributed Virus among the world. And most Anti-viruses wont detect them! So it can be spread easily. If your system is infected with such Virus, just follow these instructions

  • First you need to delete a file named regsvr.exe from your system. It would be in Windows directory and System32 directory, both are system folders. To access these folders, just type the following addresses respectively in Windows Explorer
  1. %SystemRoot%\
  2. %SystemRoot%\System32\
  • Now you can see a file in the folders as shown in the image below

  • Delete the file from both folders. If it is difficult for you, just download the following ZIP file and Run the Batch file in it

RemoveNewFolderAV (4kB)

  • Next, open Search and search the keyword *.exe and Delete all the exe files having an Icon of a Folder (eg: New Folder.exe)
  • Now, go to Run and type in msconfig
  • Under the Startup tab, uncheck regsvr.exe string and press OK
  • Restart your PC
  • You’re Done…!

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