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[Fix] Get Back The Desktop Icons Removed By Virus By Registry Tweak!

All Viruses are enimies to us (except me, my nickname is Virus ;-)). Some of them will completely destroy our PC. Recently I analysed my website traffic and found a guy who was searching for a solution for a Virus Attack. His problem was with his Desktop, Virus removed his Desktop Icons!

We know that there is an option to show the icons in the Right Click Menu in the Desktop. We will try it if we get such issue, we will check the Show Desktop Icons menu item.

But, here the virus has disabled this menu also!!! Anti-virus could remove the Virus, but it could not show the icons in the Desktop!

So I tried to find another solution and Suceeded!

  • First, you need to access Registry Editor by typing %SystemRoot%\regedit.exe in Windows Explorer‘s Address Bar
  • Then, navigate to the following path


  • Now, you can see a string named HideIcons in the Right Pane as shown in the image below

  • Open it by Double Clicking it
  • Now, change the value from 1 to 0

  • Press OK
  • Restart/Logoff your PC
  • You’re Done…!

If you can’t do this at your own risk, you can download the following ZIP file and Activate the Registry Key in it (4kB)


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