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[Fix] Solution For “WINDOWS\system32\config\system is corrupt or missing” Error!

It is common that when we open our computer, we cant boot Windows XP with a given message:

“WINDOWS\System32\config\system is Corrupt or Missing”

I also got the same message yesterday and I became upset. I searched on Google for a FIX for this problem. There were many sites provides the FIX including Microsoft! But I could not repair my OS with those tips, even the Microsoft‘s one!

So I decided to activate my 19th trick!!! (its a common used word in Kerala) ;-)

I will describe how I did it… But, to perform this one I needed an Ubuntu OS CD. Yes, I used an Open Source OS to FIX this problem! The steps are described below… (sorry, I couldn’t make screenshots as I was upset :-D)

  • When you get the Error message, insert your Microsoft Windows XP CD into the drive and boot it
  • At the very first page press R from your keyboard to enter Recovery Console (you will be asked to select whether this or Fresh Installation of XP)
  • Select the Windows directory which is corrupted ans you want to repair by entering the appropriate number (typically 1)
  • You will be here then – C:\WINDOWS>
  • Then run the following command (NB: any mistakes will make your pc crash! so be careful…)

copy C:\WINDOWS\repair\system D:\ (note: change C: to yours XP installation drive letter if differant from this, also change D:\ to any drive letter you have other than XP installation drive letter)

  • Now, type EXIT, this will exit the Recovery Console
  • Eject your Windows XP CD and then insert Ubuntu OS CD (or any other OS allows booting without installation)
  • Boot the CD and select Try Ubuntu without making any changes to your system
  • This will boot Ubuntu
  • Now go to the drive D:\ (or the drive letter you used as described above) from Places menu on the Top Bar on the Desktop
  • You can see the file system in the drive
  • Copy it and go to the drive C:\ (or your xp installation drive letter as described above)
  • Now go to WINDOWS\system32\config and replace the file system with the one you have copied just before…
  • If you cant, just rename the folder config to conifg_bak and copy all files in it except system and create a new folder with name config and paste the files in it. Then paste the system file that we tried earlier
  • Now Shut Down Ubuntu and reject the CD
  • Boot your Windows XP, It’s working…!
  • You’re Done…!

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