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Hack And Add New Highscores In Minesweeper Game In Windows XP!

Minesweeper is an award winning Built-in game in Microsoft Windows. It is not easy to score a best point in that game. The initial high score in the game is 999 seconds! and the name is Annonymous. We can hack this and add our name and a best time! (You can run the game from Start > All Programs > Games > Minesweeper)

  • First, open Run dialoge box from Start > Run… and type ‘regedit’ in the field

  • Press OK
  • Registry Editor is open. Now, navigate to the following address


  • You can see 6 values in the right pane as highlighted below

  • Each of them represents as shown in the box below

Name1 > Beginner Minesweeper Name

Name2 > Intermediate Minesweeper Name

Name3 > Expert Minesweeper Name

Time1   > Beginner Minesweeper Time

Time2   > Intermediate Minesweeper Time

Time3   > Expert Minesweeper Time

  • First, Open the string for a name (eg: Name3) and add your name in the field

  • Press OK
  • Now, Open the string for a time (eg: Time3) and select Decimal and add a time value in the field (seconds)

  • Press OK and exit the Registry Editor
  • Now open Minesweeper and look at the Highscores (In the Game menu select Best Times…)

  • You’re Done…!

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