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How To Authorize Your Apps To Access Your Google Accounts ?

In our last article, we shared about the 2-step verification of Google Accounts. But, if we activate this feature, we will not be able to access some apps like GTalk, Gmail Phone etc. that uses your Google Account information. They are illiterate about 2-step verification. Here we are going to discuss about the authorization of apps to use your Google Accounts!

  • First, go to your Google Account Management page
  • Under the Security options, click Edit link of Authorizing applications & sites

  • In the next page, you will be asked to enter the App Name
  • Enter it and proceed

  • This will generate a specific password for your app
  • In the next page you will get the generated password
  • Enter the password in your application once only…
  • That’s it, the app is authorized!
  • You can Revoke the authoirization any time from your Google Account
  • You’re Done…!

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