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[How to] Completely Shutdown a Windows 8/8.1 PC (Turn off fast startup)!

Windows 8, the new generation experience of Windows. It runs faster, boots faster, shutdowns faster… no.. no.. It actually doesn’t shutdowns!

Yes, the Windows 8 won’t shutdown completely even we press the power button. This because a feature called fast startup, this allows fast starting up of your windows. That’s why our PC opens faster unlike in earlier windows versions.

When this feature is turned on, your PC won’t shutdown completely and this is a problem for many users. We need to restart our PC separately for any major changes to take effect.

In this topic, let us discuss on how to disable the fast startup feature and enable complete shutdown of our PC.

  • In your Control Panel, go to Power Options
  • In the Power Options, click “Choose what power buttons do” from the left pane


  • This will take you to a screen many icons of your battery, laptop and other power icons.
  • Above all this you could see an option called “Change settings that are currently unavailable
  • Click on the link, and the Shutdown settings section will get activated
  • In the Shutdown settings, uncheck the “Turn on fast startup” option


  • That’s all, now you can Completely Shutdown your PC like you did in the earlier versions…!


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