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[How to] Customize ‘Home’ view in File Explorer in Windows 10!

Since I wasn’t able to use my computer for past few days, I couldn’t update about the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview. Recently, I installed Windows 10 TP in my PC and I am testing it against new features and bugs.

A new feature in Windows 10 is that When you open File Explorer from the Taskbar, you will be brought into a page containing Favorites, Recent Files etc.

Home view in Windows 10

You may be wondering on how to customize this view. Some people needs their privacy, and they need to hide their file History. So what if we want to remove Recent Files from this Home view ? Don’t Worry, here are the steps. This topic includes:

  • How to remove Recent files from Home view in Windows Explorer
  • How to add your folders to Customize this view

First of all, Removing the Recent files from the view:

  • Go to the Taskbar Properties by right clicking the taskbar and selecting Properties
  • Navigate to the Start Menu tab
  • Now, uncheck the option as shown in the below image


  • That’s It! the File History won’t appear anymore in the Home View…

Now, If you want to add your own files to the View, just pin the folder to File Explorer just by dragging it to the Explorer icon in the taskbar…


That’s It… You’ll have that folder in Home View.


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