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[How to] Get the list of all Command-line Switches of an EXE File!

In the past, I’ve posted few articles in which I mentioned about some commands that can do some tricks on the apps. Below are the three articles which I posted in the past:

In these tricks, I used a common method to do it. They are known as Command-line Switches. It may or may not be available for all exe files.

You may have wondered that how I finds this commands, Here I will show you how to get the all Command-line Switches of an exe file!

  • Get into the folder where the exe file lies
  • In the address bar type the complete address of the exe file and an extra /help or /? command with a space, for example:

D:\Softwares\Program\program.exe /help

  • ;) that’s also a command line switch
  • Now, you a window with all the Command-line Switches is displayed!

  • You’re Done…!

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