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[How to] Open Adobe Pagemaker (*.pmd) files In Microsoft Office ?

*.pmd files:- pmd stands for Pagemaker Document (an old DTP software)

Most of old Office Documents are created with Adobe Pagemaker 7, one of the best publishing / DTP software available. It’s files are saved in *.pmd extensions. If you haven’t seen the app before, you can Download it from the link provided at the bottom of this post.

But it’s an old software from Adobe, also very costly when compared to other Office applications. So, what will you do if have no other choices? Here’s a small solution, that works for almost all pmd files: Use Microsoft Office!


Did you ever tried to open the pmd file in Microsoft Office Word ? Just give a try, it’ll work for almost all pmd files! I used Microsoft Office Word 2007, I’ll describe how to open a pmd file in Office Word

  • Open Microsoft Office Word
  • Go to Office Menu and select Open

  • Then select Recover Text from Any File option from Files of type dropdown list

  • Then select your PMD file and press Open
  • You’re Done…!

NOTE: You may get a lot of useless data mixed with your document, or could not read the content. If it happens, try to change the font and delete unwanted data since it will only before or after the document content. If you wan’t a live tutorial on this topic, then here’s the video tutorial that explains the steps which I described above:

Click to View Video...

Alternatively, You can use Adobe Pagemaker itself if you haven’t used it before. I don’t know whether it is available for purchase today, but you may download a free trial Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 from the following link

Download Adobe Pagemaker 7 Trial


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