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[How to] Open “My Computer” (aka This PC) by default when opening Explorer!

There are a lot of changes in Windows 10 as compared to previous versions. Some of them are a bit strange to some users, and we’ve been discussing such things all these time. Today, let me explain you a most anticipated tip.


When you open Windows Explorer from the Taskbar, you will be brought Quick Access folder, which contains Recent Files & Folders, Frequently used Folders etc. Most users doesn’t like this feature, and here is how to change the Quick Access view into This PC (formerly My Computer) when opening Windows Explorer.

  • Open any Folder and in the Ribbon, navigate to View and open Options
  • A windows opens up and there in General tab, change the option Open File Explorer to into This PC


  • Click OK and that’s it! Now, you’ll get My Computer when you open Windows Explorer :)

Also, there are ways to customize the Quick Access view instead of changing to This PC. In the above image, you can see a section called Privacy, there you can restrict the Recent files or such things to customize the view.

Even though there are a lot of features in Windows 10, there are many bugs in this that an OS should not have.We will see more about the bugs in the next post :)

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