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[How to] Recover Deleted Photo, Video & Other Files in Windows & Mac ?

Did your ever deleted a File or a Folder from your Computer and wanted it back, but no way ? There are a lot of people had such situations and stood helpless. Lot’s my friends asked me a solution and here I am going to explain the methods to Recover deleted Files with or without using Softwares!

Today, there are a lot of File Recovery softwares available in the internet and most of them are costly. Free softwares may be either useless or limited output. So, First, I will explain a Recovery method without using a 3rd-party software:

  • This method is only intended for Windows users, and only works if you have System Restore (or System Protection) turned on the Drive
  • Firstly, open My Computer (aka This PC) and go to the location where the deleted file resided
  • Now, Right Click on the Folder where the file resided (if it was in the Root of Drive, then Right Click the Drive itself) and select Restore previous versions


  • Now, the Properties window will pop up. In the Go to the Previous versions tab if not it is the open one
  • In that you can see a list of a back up of that Folder/Drive
  • You can review them by Selecting and Clicking the Open button. Or you can restore the file by clicking Restore button


  • If the file were in the Backup, you will get your File back!

This method only works if you have System Restore (or System Protection) turned in your system. Otherwise you will not get any File or Folder back. In that case please follow this Alternative Method that uses a 3rd-party software:

There are a lot of 3rd-party softwares available for File Recovery. But I recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is a powerful one in Recovery! Even though it is a Paid product, you can get a Free version that supports upto 1GB of recovery!


You can Download this software for Free from here. There are several options for Recovering files in the software. Also, there are options for Recovering Damaged Drives!

Using these methods, you can Recover your deleted Files. Sometimes, if you didn’t Permanently Delete your files, don’t forget checking the Recycle Bin. Also, these two methods needs at least 2GB of free space always in your Drive for keeping the deleted files in the system.

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