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[How to] Use Custom 3rd-Party Themes In Windows XP, Vista And 7 Using Universal Theme Patcher!

We have posted about many Windows themes here and some of them are Official. But Windows does not allow 3rd party themes. Here, the Universal Theme Patcher comes to help us! It patches our system file and making our OS to be able to use 3rd party themes.

Download Universal Theme Patcher

How to use:

  • Run the downloaded EXE file
  • Select your language and it will examine your OS details
  • When the main window appears, click Patch to activate it
  • When Patch button is pressed, the Restore button becomes enabled, so that you can restore the action

Applying theme:

  • When you have patched, copy your themes folder ( containing .msstyles and .theme files ) into the following path


  • Open the .theme file and you can apply the theme!
  • You’re Done…!
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