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Launch Metro Apps directly form Desktop in Windows 8 and 8.1!

We all know that Microsoft is going to release the newer version of Windows (Windows 8.1) by the end of October, and the RTM version has been released to MSDN & TechNet subscribers.

  • Windows 8.1 Review (soon…)

There are many changes in Windows 8 compared to older Windows OS. The key change is Metro style integration, They have introduced many Metro Apps in Windows 8.

Metro Apps can be accessed or launched from the Start Screen. But, there is a hidden folder in the Desktop which contains all the Metro Apps and we can launch them from that folder!


To open this folder open Run (use Win+R Key combination) or Computer and in the field type the following and press Enter:


That’s all… Now you are on the Apps folder and you can launch the apps from there…


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