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Prevent Your USB Autorun.inf File From Virus Attacks By Archiving!

Autorun.inf is a most used way for spreading viruses. When we plug our USB Drive into an infected system, it will infect our USB also with Autorun feature. To prevent this, we need to do something; read the following and you will be able to prevent virus attacks to your USB!

  • First, plug in your USB Drive
  • Open Command Prompt by typing cmd in Run
  • Now, execute the following commands
  1. mkdir F:\autorun.inf
  2. attrib +a +h +s +r F:\autorun.inf

NOTE: Change F: to your USB Drive letter

  • This will create a folder named autorun.inf in your USB and will make it a System File, so virus could not delete or replace it easily
  • You’re Done…!

If you can’t do this at your own risk, you can download the following ZIP file and run the Batch (*.bat) file in it (4kB)

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