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List Of Some Useful “Run…” Commands For Opening System Utilities And Softwares!

NOTE: This topic is updated whenever we get a new Run… Command. So don’t forget to check this topic regularly.

Run… is an amazing utility in Windows which allows us to access various System Utilities. It can be used for accessing and processing system files and utilities. But, we need to know some commands related to system utilities. Here I am listing some useful commands which will work on Run…

Command Result
winword Microsoft Word
excel Microsoft Excel
calc Windows Calculator
explorer Windows Explorer
msconfig System Configuration Utility
mspaint Graphic Editor – Microsoft Paint
notepad Text Editor – Notepad
regedit Registry Editor
compmgmt.msc Computer Management
devmgmt.msc Device Management
diskmgmt.msc Disk Management
gpedit.msc Group Policy Editor
control panel Control Panel
control desktop Display Properties
control date/time Date and Time Management
fonts Fonts Folder
drivers Drivers Folder
dxdiag DirectX Diagnosis
temp Temporary Folder
sendto Send to List Folder
chrome Google Chrome

PS: You can comment below if you find new commands, and we will list them above, also your name will be listed below the table!


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