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Set a Custom Logon Screen for Windows 7 Without any 3rd Party Softwares!

Some days ago, I bought a new laptop from a retailer shop and bring to my home. Windows 7 was pre-installed in that system. When I booted the PC for first time, I noticed that the login screen has a custom background with the company logo. I searched for any patches or softwares in it, but nothing suceeded! So I concluded that there may be some hidden trick there in Windows itself. So I searched the trick and now I am going to describe it here.

  • This is a registry trick, so you need Administrator privileges to do this trick
  • First of all, type “regedit” in the start menu search bar and press enter, you will be now in Windows Registry Editor

  • Navigate to the following location:


  • Open the DWORD value called OEMBackground from the list

  • Change tha value “0” to “1“, then click OK

NOTE: This trick will only be for your current theme, the background will reset if you change your theme. To prevent this, you may use the gpedit.msc which is only available in some versions of windows…

  • The main task is over, Now you need to set the background image
  • To do this, prepare your image file ready and navigate to the following path in Windows Explorer


Note: If the last two folders does not exists, then you can create it yourself

  • Now, copy your image file in the Backgrounds folder and rename iact to “backgroundDefault.jpg” (file size must not be larger than 256kB no matter what the extension is…)

  • Your new Logon Screen is ready now! NO NEED TO RESTART OR LOGOFF, It activates as soon as you put the image file in the folder!
  • You’re Done…!

Feel free to share this knowledge to your friends…


  • Some Official background images can be downloaded here!
  • If you are interested in a 3rd party software, then try this

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