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[Solved] Android MTP connection (file sharing) not working in Windows 10!

The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is an extension to the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) communications protocol that allows media files to be transferred atomically to and from portable devices. This feature is now present on all Android devices instead of the old USB Mass Storage.

But, there are so many issues reported that this Android MTP is not working on the latest Windows 10 operating system, not even for iPhones! So, in this tutorial I will explain you on how to get rid of this problem and get the MTP working to transfer your files between your PC and Smartphone (Android & iOS).

  • First of all, unplug the smartphone from the PC if it is already connected
  • Go to C:\Windows\INF location in the File Explorer
  • In that folder, search for the file¬†wpdmtp.inf (simple paste this name in the search box in the explorer)
  • Now, when the file is found, right click the file and click Install

  • That’s it the problem will be fixed now! You won’t get any progress dialog or completed message box
  • Now, plug in your Smartphone and that’s it

This tutorial is also applicable for iPhone or any other iOS device. If you found this article really helpful, then please do share this and subscribe to this website to get more updates about the similar topics.

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