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[Solved] Google Chrome Fails to Initialize Showing Error (0xc0000005) and Crashes!

Last day, I found that the Google Chrome application in my system is not working properly. It shows an error saying “The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application” as shown in the image below:

I tried all my best and at last I found a temporary FIX for this error, here I will describe you how to handle the situation. It’s very simple (NB: It is also applicable to the new CoolNovo browser which works under chrome platform)

  • Right Click on the Google Chrome/CoolNovo shortcut and select Properties
  • In the Target box add an extra word “–no-sandbox” without commas (NB: the double hyphen before “no” is important) in the last as shown below

  • Now, click OK
  • You’re Done…!

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