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Some Basic Tips And Tricks That A Windows User Must Knew!

NOTE: This topic is updated whenever a new Tip is released. So don’t forget to check this topic regularly.

Here are few Tips or Tricks that are very useful and a windows user must knew:

  • Maximize or Restore windows by Double Clicking on the  titlebar: You can maximize or restore an open window by Double Clicking on the window’s TitleBar!

  • You can select a Menu Item by even Right Clicking it: By right clicking on a menu item, you can execute the command coded within it!

  • You can Close a window by Double Clicking on the Top-Left corner of it: You can exit an open window by right clicking on the Top-Left corner of that window as shown below:

  • Use Ctrl (Control) key to select multiple items which are in different positions: You can select multiple files or folders which are in different positions by using Ctrl button!

  • Use Alt key while dragging an item to create its shortcut: You can create a shortcut for a file by pressing Alt key simultaneously when you drag it!

  • Use Ctrl (Control) key while dragging an item to make its copy: You can use Ctrl key to make a copy of a file while you drag it!

  • Right click and drag an item to show advanced moving options: You can right click and drag a file or folder to show advanced moving options!

  • Use Shift+Delete to delete a file permanently: You can delete a file permanently by pressing Shift+Delete on your keyboard!

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