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USB WriteProtect v1.0: Protect your PC from Unwanted file transfers to USB Drives!

Our next Windows App is here! USB WriteProtect is a utility for Windows (XP and Seven) which helps us to protect our USB port from file writing. It makes your usb drives Write Protected and then you or anyone can’t write to USB Drives from your PC until the feature is disabled!

This is a small Easy-to-use software which works under simple On/Off method and so you won’t get any trouble from this app. You can activate the WriteProtect by clicking the Protect button and deactivate by clicking UnProtect. All you need to have is an Administrative Privilege to use this.

This is a free app and you can download and install it from the below link, Instructions are also given below:

Download USB WriteProtect v1.0 (408kB)


  • Install this package using this wizard
  • Run the WriteProtect.exe
  • Proceed!
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