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Use Any Sim Card in Idea Net Setter 3G (HAUWEI) Modem Without Hacking!

All we know that the Idea Net Setter is locked by !dea and we cannot use any other sim in it, even the idea sim. But we can unlock it and use any sim on it to browse internet, but some of the new devices won’t answer this unlock and many people gets their Net Setter damaged!

Today, I am going to describe you how to use any sim in such devices WITHOUT UNLOCKING it! Follow the given instructions carefully and you could do it well..


  • A Net Setter (eg: Idea Net Setter – HAUWEI) and installed its software
  • Nokia PC Suite (Can be downloaded here)

All you need to do this trick is a copy of Nokia PC Suite software installed on your PC! you can download it from the above link.

  • After installing Nokia PC Suite, connect your Modem with your new sim inserted ie. Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel etc. (I hope you’ve already installed the Modem… If not, do it now… It automatically installs when you plug the modem for first time)
  • Now, open PC Suite and click Connect to internet icon in the window as shown below

  • Now, a new window opens saying “No modem found!” click on the Spanner (settings) icon

  • Now, select your modem from the available list (If there is no name of your modem, try connecting and installing the modem in another USB port) and click Next

  • Now, select your sim operator name (which you are insterted in it) from the list. (Alternatively, you can Configure the connection manually)

  • Click the Tick (Finished) icon, that’s it! now, you can connect to the internet bu clicking the Connectivity icon as shown below

  • By clicking the icon, you just complete this trick and you will get a new window with saying Connected and you can now browse the internet as you like…

NB: The benefit of this trick is that you would get small GPRS plans on various networks such as 500MB for Rs.15 instead of idea’s 1GB forRs.300 :)

Feel free to share this article and help your friends…!!! ;)


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