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Windows 8.1 (codename Blue) Review: Life without Walls!

The most awaited update of Windows 8, namely Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue) has been released on 17th October 2013. As all we know, 8.1 is a free update to all existing Windows 8 users and it comes with many Updates, Bug fixes and new Features. But, non Windows 8 users will have to buy this release. more details can be found on the link below:

Since Windows 8.1 is an update to Windows 8, It is recommended to all existing Windows 8 users to have an upgrade to this release since there are many features which are described below. Download or Update instructions can be found in the above link.

Now, Let us come to the point. Here are the key features of Windows 8.1 which will be a great solution for the drawbacks of the previous version:


1. Start Button is back!
2. New options in PC Settings


The Start button has come back in Windows 8.1! When we click on the start button, it will take us to the Start Screen, not the old start menu… anyway, it looks and feels better than without the button.


PC Settings session has been redesigned and comes with more options. Each sections has been categorized and never been so better in the Windows 8. it makes easier way PC Configuration.

3. Apps View has got new options
4. Start Screen Personalization


The Apps View in the Start Screen comes with a new feature that we can categorize the apps several parameters. This looks cool than the previous view present in the old version.


Start screen personalization can be accessed easily: select Settings from the charm bar and click Personalize. You can use desktop background also for Start Screen! also there are Animated Backgrounds!

5. Multiasking on any size!
6. Edit Photos in the App itself!


Arrange Applications side by side on whatever size you like! Drag the panel to desired size and it runs as you desire. This wasn’t available in the older version. Isn’t it cool?


The Photos App comes with new features. It has a new option to Edit photos in the App itself. It includes many options for Colour Adjustments, Effects, Light Balance, Blur etc.

7. New Tile Sizes
8. Direct Boot to Desktop!


The new Start Screen comes with more Tiles Sizes for Apps. They are Large, Wide, Medium, Small etc. Large is double the old Wide size, and Small is one fourth of the old Medium size.


This new option in the Taskbar Properties lets you to Boot directly into the Desktop. Whenever you exit an App, it shows the Desktop. Also there are option to make Apps view default for Start Screen

9. Windows Store
10. Internet Explorer 11


Windows Store comes with a new redesigned layout. This new design makes an easy interaction with the App and the user.


Windows 8.1 comes with the latest version of Internet Explorer. This latest version comes with faster and secure browsing experience!

There are many more features in this version, but all of them can’t be described here. Hope you’ll find them from the official website:

So, What do you think ? Is Windows 8.1 is necessary for all ?In my opinion, It would be good to have an upgrade to Windows 8.1. It’ll make your Windows Experience even more better…

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